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Dendrite MnO2
Solnhofen, Germany
Jurassic Period of the Mesozoic Era


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TAMARU "Live Recording 2011"
with Tadahiko YOKOGAWA and Sachiko M
(sahoux 999cd)

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TAMARU "Live Recording 2011"
with Tadahiko YOKOGAWA and Sachiko M
(sahoux 999cd)


Sheltered Opera
Pierced by Starbeam
Chronicle of Gray
A is for Argent

TAMARU bass guitar
Tadahiko YOKOGAWA violin
Sachiko M sinewaves

Recorded at Monnaka Tenjo Hall, Tokyo on January 8th, 2011

Recording, mixing and mastering by Hiromitsu SHOJI (Sara Disc)
Artwork by Mitsuhiro KAMADA
English translation by Makoto OSHIRO
Photograph by Monnaka Tenjo Hall

Produced by TAMARU

Recently I have been using a bass guitar rendition that accentuates the overtones in my performances. In this rendition I slightly touch the vibrating bass strings with the skin of my fingers, and this causes complex overtones to occur. For some while in the past I used delay processors with volume pedals and did a drone style expression, but I have quit that. I sold my sound processors, and now am able to perform just by using a bass guitar, amplifier and a cable to connect them. In most of these live recorded compositions, I placed my own solo performances that consist of simple motifs in their first stage. After that, I requested for the two improvisers, Tadahiko YOKOGAWA and Sachiko M, to takeover the concepts and extend them with their own free interpretations and reactions. I would also like to note that Tadahiko YOKOGAWA prepared some sound effects on his laptop computer this day. In the end however, he decided not to use any of those and performed simply on his violin. TAMARU

私は近年、倍音を強調したベースギター奏法を演奏に用いている。この奏法は、振動しているベース弦に手指の皮膚をわずかに触れさせることで、複雑な倍音を発生させるものだ。以前は、ディレイエフェクトとボリュームペダルを使った持続音的な表現を長らく行っていたが、やめた。私はエフェクトの類を売り払い、ベースギターとアンプとそれらを繋ぐケーブルだけあれば演奏できる身になった。今回のライブレコーディングでは、多くの曲で簡素なモチーフによる私のソロ演奏を前段に置いた。そして、二人のインプロバイザー、横川理彦とSachiko Mに対しては、自由な解釈と反応で私から曲想を引き継ぎ、拡げることを要請した。なお、横川理彦はこの日、PCによるサウンドエフェクトを用意していたが、結局それらを全く使わずにバイオリンだけを演奏した。 TAMARU